Apache Small Leather Satchel Bag - Cognac - CUF9996CG

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The Apache Satchel Bag is made in genuine Buff Crazy Horse Leather to give a worn looking but hard wearing finish.

External Features:

  • Secure zip pocket on the back. 
  • Adjustable canvas backed leather shoulder strap 
  • Front flap secured leather straps with magnetic clips underneath. 

Internal Features:

  • Internal zipped pocket for extra security 
  • Zip closure on top of main compartment 
  • Fully lined 
  • Phone pocket 

Size: 23 x 30 x 8cm

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a unique kind of leather that really stands out from the rest. It is coated with a special wax that gives it qualities that are different from any other kind of leather on the market today. Because of the waxy coating, when you bend or scratch the leather it changes color. These color changes give the leather a very worn and rugged look even though it may be brand new.

Crazy Horse Leather is made from full grain cowhide leather which means it is of the highest quality and will stand up to plenty of abuse. The leather is completely buffed and smoothed out during processing which gives it a very rich, smooth color. This is the base color that is then changed through normal wear and tear. Crazy horse leather also absorbs the oils of the skin so the more you touch crazy horse leather the glossier the leather becomes.

What makes Crazy Horse Leather so special?

Crazy Horse Leather gets its name from the fact that it is commonly used in horse saddles. For this reason, it is also sometimes called saddle leather. The reason it is popular with saddles is not only for the coloring but also because it is made from full grain leather which is the strongest and most durable type of leather. With full grain leather, the grain of the leather is still intact which more the pores and variations of the leather can be seen.

Every Crazy Horse Leather bags are unique due to the reason of the manufacturing process. It feels really great to think that you have a unique product with you.

What is Crazy Horse Leather Made of?

Crazy Horse Leather is made from only the highest quality of materials. The full grain cowhide leather is the highest quality for color and strength. It will hold up to years of wear without fail. This rich full grain cowhide leather is cut and then buffed and smoothed out to give it a shiny and soft feel.

After the buffing, the leather is treated with a thick layer of wax that is rubbed into the leather. The wax enhances the fibers of the leather and causes the leather to change its hue when it is scratched or rubbed to develop the vintage look that Crazy Horse Leather is known for.

Why is Crazy Horse Leather So Durable?

It is the handmade process that goes into Crazy Horse Leather that makes it so special and keeps it looking beautiful day after day. Crazy Horse Leather bags have been known to still look great after 30 years or more with the strong leather straps still looking great. If you think about how beautiful saddles can look after years and years of rough wear and tear, you’ll understand how our Crazy Horse Leather bags can be so durable.

What are the advantages of Crazy Horse Leather?

The good thing about Crazy Horse Leather is that the items look worn and rustic even if they are relatively new. Our backpacks quickly develop a look and character all their own with regular use. The coating also makes it very durable and able to hold up to wear and tear even as it changes its color.

Crazy Horse Leather is also extremely durable and will hold up to years of wear. It is chosen for saddles because it can hold up to the rubbing and abuse that saddles endure while still looking beautiful year after year. Traditional leather bags may start to break, crack or harden after just one or two years without regular care. A Crazy Horse Leather bag can last for decades with very little maintenance and care needed. The durability comes from the wax that is applied to the leather, so even as it changes color the durability of the leather remains the same.



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